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Welcome to the Moon Kingdom Haven

ok tripod sucks that is why thier isnt much here however if you want real player episodes then go toand if you want an image gallroy i know iknow i will do every thing possible to make this site better thanks

well can you tell I like gifs yes i do the are so cool well if you will notice that there is a sos logo click on it and please if you have a site about sailor moon please add me to your links i need more hits but i dont know how to i never get a response from asking pepole well thanks o yes um gifs slow down older browsers so if you want some good ones then go to my gif page they are all up for grabs bye

i am learning typing so forgive me forn typeos.well I dont know what to do about my pag eif you have come please add me to your links i mean i have tons of stuff links downloads gifs music bu ti dont know what to do please tell me what to do I need a lot of help here

well contrary to popular belife sailor moon is not a show for girls just because the characters are girls there is a very human feel to sailor moon that most animes dont have that is one of the reasons I like it so much the characters all have hopes and dreams beyond just being a sailor scout and the it has its funny points in it especialy serina and rei.Now ther is romance in it as well with serena and darien but we have only seen about a fourth of the episodes there are in japan so if we can keep this show going in popularity we can get tons more episodes and great stuuf like that

if you dont know how sailor moon started this is how it goes; there once was a great kingdom on the moon and othe rplanets and it was a golden era of peace and happyness then the negaverse declared war opon the kingdom, every thing was destroyed . Queen seranity(i dont know how to spell it)used the power of the silver imperium crystal to trap the negiverse and the victums of the battle to be reborn on earth to live again bu tthat also ment that the negavers was also to reborn on earth and the knowledge of this war was only known by luna and artimis the cats one by one the sailor scout were found and they went uop in a great confritation with queen barel and defeated her and destroyed the evil army

With all the scouts memorys gone( i dont know why I missed that episode)luna thinks that the scouts need to live there life with out knowing about what happened but alan and ann apeared and needed to steal energy for doom tree luna brought back the scouts memory and they battle alan and ann for a while untill the tree goes berserk and trys to destroy alan and ann but sailor moon seeing tha t they loved each othe r so much that they would die to be with each other she begs the tree to stop and darin rembers all and they start to get together for a while. any thing more will ruin it for you so that should explain it for you

well these are my favorite links now please check tehm out you will be glad you didsailor moon channel

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